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Diorama Building: The Lone Fisherman Episode 3

After staring at the tree in my diorama, and getting feedback from my mentor, Mathew Lavanish, I decided that it was time to uproot it, and plant a new one.

First, I studied this painting, as this was the feel I wanted for my scene:


See how tall the tree is? See how overarching the branches are? My tree was simply too... not tree.

So I went online and found a very cheap Chinese wire tree in the relative scale between Z and HO.


But now, to 'plant' the tree, I must do the unthinkable. I must... I must cut my sculpted tree...

So I did, using snips.


Then I re-drilled a hole where the original tree was rooted using my pin-vice.


Finally I installed the tree using needle-nosed pliers to really get the wire trunk down into the hole.


But the tree was just too... stiff. So I needed to bend the trunk and decorate the tree branches so it flowed like a true Cherry Blossom.


A little cyanoacrylate glue, and voila!


Next Episode: I'll be sculpting the tree bark across the tree.

Bryan Merlonghi