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Diorama Building: The Lone Fisherman: Steps 9 - 11

Step 9:

The tool I use for anything soft like the riverbed, smoothing stone or wood, is a rubber-tipped color shaper available at any craft store.

Nonstick tip: I coat my tool tips with chapstick to avoid sticking.

Riverbed: In this step, I smoothed down the riverbed, and built the river floor which would be layered mud. I made sure that the outer portion of the riverbed was sculpted clearly because it will be visible through the resin water in later stages and will look amazing to the eye.


Step 10:

I proceeded to continue to 'skin' the smooth plastic tree. I typically only use an razor blade for my sculpting, using a 'pulling' motion with the bladed tip to create the wood veins.

Holder: Because the wooden top is an unusual size, I placed it in a Universal Holder available from Green Stuff World to help my hand dexterity while I sculpt so small.


Step 11:

I place my proxie 'fiserhman' in place just to continue to make sure the scene is fitting and my scale is perfect. Even poorly scaled veins in the tree can throw off the illusion.

Hyper type A note: I've also added a root to the front, leading in between the rocks that actually has a small hole through it to make things HYPER realistic :P



Now that the sculpting is officially done, I will begin to focus on small details that I will add into the scene like:

  1. Two small fish I'd like to sculpt into the riverbed
  2. A squirrel
  3. A Heron on one of the rocks

Now too many details may overcrowd the piece, so I may need to tone it back, but a few extra details will really cement the micro world illusion.



Bryan Merlonghi