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Sculpting in 6mm

Hello everyone!



Today I've been working on a banner-carrier for a unit of Nurgle Plaguemarines for my Pocket 40k project. Anywhere you see 'green' you will see what I've done to convert the standard bearer from stock to custom.


A lot of the sculpting of tentacles just involves twisting a snake of green stuff and applying it to a few strong points of the mini to stick. The fleshy, rotten parts are done by sticking a little gob of green stuff to the mini, and then nicking it with the tip of an Exacto blade.


If you're going to start sculpting, start with Nurgle-y stuff. It's so easy to make nasty stuff! Snakes, little nick marks on a gob of green stuff, all this painted looks absolutely fantastic.


Stay tuned for the painting of the green stuff to see what happens after the hardening process!

- Bryan

Bryan Merlonghi