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WH40k in 6mm [WIP Personal Project] - Dairy Entry 1

60010199015_40KDarkImperiumENG01 (1).jpg

Right now, my main focus for my personal projects is to re-create the standard Warhammer 40k game that is a 28mm - 32mm wargame and convert it entirely into 6mm, or 'epic' scale.








Each individual 6mm figure will be individually based, and stands for its exact equivalent in 28mm. 






Right now I'm focusing on re-creating the box set Dark Imperium, and here, are three Poxwalkers for the Chaos Nurgle faction.


For basing these individually (something I've never done before), I use the exact same basing materials that I would use for 28mm+, except if you notice, each granule of texture can make a massive scale difference when working with micro scales, so a very very careful application must be adhered to in order to make sure there is no break in the illusion.


Stay tuned for my WIPs.

Bryan Merlonghi